Our Chimney Services

Every home is different and with this in mind, we try to tailor the services we provide to each customer. Below we have summarised all of our services, if there is anything you require further clarification on, please contact using the details listed on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Chimney Sweeping

We aim to be able to clean all domestic and commercial chimneys with a minimum of disruption. We will do our utmost to guarantee a service that makes absolutely no mess. All immediate areas are sheeted and once completed an industrial vacuum removes all waste from the fireplace. Following each job we will perform a visual inspection of the flue to ensure our standards. We also use a smoke test to test for any smoke leakages.

Chimney Pots

We fit a range of different styles and colours of chimney pots. In addition we also renew damaged and decayed flaunching (the mortar that holds pots in place).

Chimney Cowls

We fit a variety of cowls designed for different purposes, some are to prevent the ingress of rain, and others help prevent down draughts in your flue or increase up-draughts.

Chimney Caps

We fit chimney caps to disused chimneys to prevent the ingress of rain and birds, whilst allowing the chimney to breath and thereby remain damp free. We also remove old chimney caps when once disused fires are being re-opened.

Removal of Birds Nests

These can be difficult to remove, particularly if they have not been used for several years. The removal of the nest and all the material which goes into the construction of it, is a time consuming process and needs special equipment and techniques.

Smoke Tests

We use smoke tests to determine if a chimney is leaking soot or smoke. Once this has been established we can either carry out the necessary remedial work or advise suitable contractors.

CCTV Surveys

We have invested in in new digital technology that enables us to examine the inside of your chimney flue and record the image for future analysis. It helps us check for flaws in the chimney lining, verify bird nest removal and identify any potential problems.